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PhenoPath Laboratories Releases the 7th Edition of Its “Pathology Reference Guide”

November 15, 2012

PhenoPath Laboratories has released the much awaited 7th Edition of its Pathology Reference Guide, a comprehensive overview of all the immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, and molecular (PCR based and FISH based) testing offered by PhenoPath Laboratories.

The current guide further expands upon the mission of the first Pathology Reference Guide in 1998: education of, and collaboration with, our pathologist clients to foster the optimal delivery of quality care through accurate diagnoses.

The Pathology Reference Guide covers general consultation areas (e.g., carcinomas of unknown primary, small blue round cell tumors), organ-restricted analyses (e.g., breast carcinoma markers and lung carcinoma subclassification), as well as other diagnostic pathology (e.g., germ cell tumors and amyloid analysis).

To help illustrate the various IHC and FISH results associated with each clinical setting, PhenoPath is introducing a new visual presentment of the specificity and sensitivity of specific IHC and FISH results, utilizing “heat maps” that employ color coding to indicate the likelihood of a marker being positive in a given tumor. The color assignment to each marker represents a distillate of data from the published literature and the personal experience of PhenoPath pathologists examining and interpreting thousands of cases every year. Illustrated to the right is an example “heat map” of Spindle Cell Tumors of the Skin.

For information on securing a copy of the Pathology Reference Guide contact your local sales representative or send an inquiry.