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Chromosomal Analysis

Methodology: Cytogenetics

Clinical Significance:
Chromosomal analysis studies are available on the following specimen types: Bone marrow, peripheral blood, lymph node or other neoplastic tissues with suspect hematologic abnormalities.


Disease State:

CPT Code(s): 88237, 88264, 88280, 88291 (may include 88285 or additional units of 88280; 88239 used in lieu of 88237 for solid tumor) (reference only; CPTs may vary)

Turnaround Time: Blood, bone marrow aspirates and lymph nodes: 5-7 business days; Solid Tumor: 10-14 business days

Schedule: Monday-Saturday

Specimen Requirements:
• Bone Marrow Aspirate: In sodium heparin (Green Top vacutainer), 1-2 ml - OR - • Peripheral Blood: In sodium heparin (Green top vacutainer), 5 ml; patient should have WBC of 15,000 or higher, with 10% circulating immature myeloid or lymphoid blast cells - OR - • Solid Tumor Tissue/ Lymph Node: In sterile RPMI or tissue culture media • STORAGE TEMP: Room temperature • NOTE: EDTA is NOT acceptable for cytogenetics studies