IgM pin



Methodology: Immunofluorescence

Clinical Significance:
Identifies: IgM localization by direct immunofluorescence is useful in the subclassification of bullous and other skin disorders, particularly when employed as part of a panel of FITC-conjugated antibodies, including those to C3, IgG and IgA. IgM deposits in the skin, with unique patterns, are characteristic of specific dermatologic disorders, including vasculitis, lupus, and others.

Subcellular Localization: Extracellular

Organ: Skin & Mucosa

Disease State:

CPT Code(s): 88346 or 88350 (reference only; CPTs may vary)

Turnaround Time: Within 1-2 business days of receipt

Schedule: Monday - Friday

Specimen Requirements:
Skin biopsy in Michel's (aka Zeuss) fixative, with or without patient serum