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MOC-31 pin



Methodology: IHC

Clinical Significance:
Identifies: Epithelial glycoprotein 2, a cell surface protein, expression of which has been demonstrated to help in the distinction of adenocarcinoma (positive) from mesothelioma (negative). As mesotheliomas can express low levels of this protein, this marker is best employed as part of a panel of markers. Subcellular Localization: Membranous

Organ: Lung

Disease State: Mesothelioma vs. Adenocarcinoma

CPT Code(s): 88342 or 88341 (reference only; CPTs may vary)

Turnaround Time: Within 1-2 business days of receipt

Schedule: Monday - Friday

Specimen Requirements:
• Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue block or cell block - OR - • 1 unstained slide for each test requested plus 3-4 additional unstained slides cut at 4µm