Myeloma FISH Panel pin


Myeloma FISH Panel

Panel Components:
t(11;14) CCND1/IGH
t(14;16) IGH/MAF
t(4;14) FGFR3/IGH
Copy Control 3 (CC3)
Copy Control 9 (CC9)
Copy Control 15 (CC15)
* Panel makeup subject to change

Methodology: FISH

Clinical Significance:
Several recurrent and prognostic chromosome alterations have been identified in myeloma and their identification is useful in the management of these patients. These include translocations involving the FGFR3, CMAF, and CCND1 genes with the IGH gene, loss of 17p13.1(P53), loss of 13q14.3, and hyperdiploidy. The t(14;16) and t(4;14) translocations involving the CMAF and FGFR3 genes, respectively, each independently identify poor prognostic groups. Deletion of 13q14.3 or 17p13.1(P53) are two additional poor prognostic indicators in myeloma. Hyperdiploidy is associated with a favorable prognosis and the t(11;14) portends an intermediate prognosis.

Organ: Blood/Bone Marrow, Body Fluids

Disease State: Plasma Cell Myeloma/Neoplasm

CPT Code(s): 88374x6, 88367; 88373x5 (reference only; panel run as algorithm; CPTs may vary)

Turnaround Time: Within 3-4 business days of receipt

Schedule: Monday - Friday

Specimen Requirements:
• Peripheral blood, Preferred: 3 ml in sodium heparin (green top) / Acceptable: 3 ml in EDTA (purple top) - OR -
• Bone marrow aspirate, Preferred: 1-2 ml in sodium heparin (green top) / Acceptable: 1-2 ml in EDTA (purple top) - OR -
• Fresh tissue in RPMI

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